Cycling Backwards

Cycling Backwards

Monday 6 November 2017

While the government will fix the Sydney Harbour Bridge cycleway, the minister’s response to other needed city centre cycle routes is disappointing. The William/Park streets separated cycleway dangerously stops at Elizabeth Street, there is no easterly route from Darling Harbour along Druitt Street to Park Street and the main north-south Castlereagh Street cycleway ends at Liverpool Street.

Unfortunately the transport minister also won’t act on safe direct cycling routes to the planned Cleveland Street high school, now cut off by light rail works and surrounded by high risk roads like Cleveland, Devonshire, Chalmers, Elizabeth, Lee and Regent streets. Instead, the government boosted cycling offence penalties; cycling rates have decreased where there are no safe routes.  Links to my letters and the responses are below.

High School Cycle Routes

Park Street Cycle Route 

Minister's Response - Park Street Cycle Route


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