Darlinghurst Horizon Wayside Chapel Fundraising Dinner

Darlinghurst Horizon Wayside Chapel Fundraising Dinner

(Community Recognition Statement, 12.03 pm 28 November 2013, Legislative Assembly, NSW Parliament)

I congratulate the residents of Darlinghurst apartment building The Horizon on their recent and very successful fundraising dinner for the Wayside Chapel.

The annual dinner is expected to raise more than $60,000 to help the Wayside Chapel continue its vital work in helping and caring for some of the inner city's most vulnerable people. The event was organised by The Horizon's executive committee and I take this opportunity to highlight the contribution of Diane Vertigan, Mark Broadley and Peter Reeves in making the night such a success. My husband and I were honoured again to attend the dinner and greatly appreciate the invitation from Harold Melnick and Michael Choong. The dinner was emceed by James Valentine and included speeches from Claudia Karvan, and Wayside pastor and chief executive officer Graham Long, who was recently named the New South Wales Local Hero. The event also included an impromptu performance by Hugh Sheridan. I commend the Horizon on leading the way in showing what a horizontal community can achieve.

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!