Darlo Pantry

14 October 2020

Darlo Pantry

(Community Recognition Statement, 14 October 2020, Legislative Assembly, NSW Parliament)

On behalf of the Sydney electorate, I would like to put on record the great efforts of Darlinghurst residents to support people struggling during the COVID-19 shutdown earlier this year. Facebook group Darlo Darlings set up the Darlo Pantry when local homelessness support service Rough Edges had to close. Locals donated non-perishable food, leaving it on shelves for those in need to collect. I've see reports that a number of people were totally reliant on this food after losing their job and having no income, while others could no longer get food at Rough Edges and this was the only source. The Darlo Pantry was supported by Mark Batstra, of Mark's Florist on Victoria Street and local resident Marion Monks looked after the pantry every day cleaning and stocking the shelves. Marion has just been awarded Darlo Darlings' first commendation for her community support efforts and I add my voice to thank her for giving so much back to the community. Darlo Pantry is a great example of inner city communities helping each other out and supporting those who are facing a difficult time and I thank all those involved for this positive community spirit.

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!