Energy Inquiry Report

Energy Inquiry Report

As the IPCC released its dire warning, the inquiry I chaired into energy supply and resources released a report identifying action that the state should take to modernise the energy sector.

The 21 recommendations and 15 findings cover support for coal dependent communities, employment and export opportunities in renewable energy, transmission infrastructure and coal exports. We also warned against forest biomass, which facilitates deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions, and recommended that its “renewable energy” status be declassified.

The government will be required to respond to the comprehensive report by 13 February. The report > HERE.

Lord Mayor Clover Moore is already pushing for greater use of renewable electricity to support this transition > HERE.

Support the call for national governments to negotiate and ratify a Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty to stop expansion, phase out fossil fuels and ensure a global just transition for all.  HERE.

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