Energy Transition

Energy Transition

I tabled the report of the Environment and Planning committee ‘Sustainability of energy supply and resources’ in the Legislative Assembly.

I chaired the inquiry and we made 21 recommendations for new clean jobs in coal-dependent regions, investing in skills development, modernising energy infrastructure, removing barriers that prevent the Port of Newcastle becoming a container terminal, mandating the rehabilitation of mines, and growing new renewable energy export markets. My statement > HERE.

It is disappointing that after our thorough inquiry found how we can achieve net zero energy emissions while creating sustainable jobs in coal dependent communities, the Prime Minister has refused to bring a real plan to this week’s COP26 climate summit in Glasgow and used the weekend’s G20 talks in Rome to oppose a deadline to phase out coal. Coal communities need leadership, investment and planning to protect them from global drops in coal demand – which are not in our control – not policies based on fantasy and misinformation.

The state government will respond to the Inquiry report in February next year. It has already begun work to replace our energy supply with renewable energy and I hope this can expand to providing alternative industries in coal mining regions such as through its renewable hydrogen plan.

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