Environmental Defenders Office

Environmental Defenders Office

Community Recognition Statement, 18 February 2021, Legislative Assembly, NSW Parliament 2021 

On behalf of the Sydney electorate, I commend the incredible work of the Environmental Defenders Office (EDO).

The EDO is the largest environmental legal centre in the Australia-Pacific dedicated to protecting our climate, communities and shared environment. I frequently refer constituents to their office for advice on environmental law issues, and have received exceptional feedback. I would like to recognise the EDO's expert legal advice to thousands of people and community groups who want to protect the environment. Since 1985, the EDO has improved access to justice, run ground-breaking court test cases and lead campaigns for law reform and stronger environmental laws across Australia. The EDO also works at an international level, writing submissions to international agencies like the United Nations on global environmental issues. The EDO provides help with a wide range of matters across local, state, and federal jurisdictions. Relevantly, EDO advised the 'Save Our Sirius' group, acted for the WestConnex Action Group, and conducted extensive research relating to the 'Koala SEPP' 2020 Bill debated in NSW Parliament. I congratulate the EDO on the significant contribution to environment and planning, and giving expert advice in community environmental battles against massive corporations and governments.

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!