Expensive Electricity

Expensive Electricity

Monday 9 July 2018

I’ve been calling for help with ever-increasing electricity costs, and in response to my latest questions in Parliament the Minister for Energy and Utilities referred to new budget measures that increase rebates by 20 per cent and a ‘One-Click Energy Switch’ where Service NSW officers will help people find better deals and change retailers to be piloted before going statewide. He also referred to schemes to replace old appliances and install LED lights: HERE. My questions: HERE.

CHOICE has a website where you can find the cheapest plans based on your electricity use: HERE. The Green Electricity Guide finds the best renewable energy providers: HERE.

I’ve asked the minister for action to repay massive overcharging following the Australian Energy Regulator report showing electricity suppliers got $1 billion more revenue than allowed: HERE. The costs of coal fired power are increasing along with environmental impacts and it is a pity the budget did not take the opportunity to start transitioning our energy to a cleaner, more efficient, sustainable supply.

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