Federal Alcohol Inquiry Welcomed

Federal Alcohol Inquiry Welcomed

The Independent Member for Sydney, Alex Greenwich, has welcomed the Federal Government's announcement of a national inquiry into alcohol fuelled violence. Mr Greenwich hopes to establish a similar inquiry into what action the NSW State Government can take and has written to the Premier and Leader of the Opposition for their support

Mr Greenwich said:

"The Federal Government has taken the mature step of seeking a multi-partisan approach to this issue and will hear from key stakeholders and experts. "

"I hope the State Government and Opposition adopt the same sensible approach and support my motion to establish a similar inquiry in NSW" 

"From licensing to lockouts, and prevention to policing, we need to have a considered and holistic approach to an issue that remains a growing community concern"

Mr Greenwich's letters to the Premier and Leader of the Opposition are HERE

The terms of reference for the proposed inquiry are the examination of:

1. The scale and impacts of alcohol-related violence and anti-social behaviour

2. The evidence on effective measures to prevent alcohol fuelled violence including:
· Controls on advertising, including point of sale advertising.
·  Taxation of alcohol including hypothecated taxes directing funds to drug treatment and victim support.
· Transport options to and from late night hot spots, including King Cross
· Restrictions on alcohol sales, hours of sale, concentration of liquor outlets and assessment of cumulative impacts.
· Licensing conditions of venues
· Policing, enforcement and compliance resources and programs
· Education and behaviour change programs to address binge drinking culture
The committee would make recommendations for legislative reform, and on program and resource allocation to prevent and address alcohol-related violence and anti-social behaviour.

Mr Greenwich’s electorate includes the three major late night hot spots of Kings Cross, George Street and Oxford Street Darlinghurst.

“Every weekend in Sydney we deal with event-sized crowds of mostly intoxicated patrons affecting safety and residential amenity, and burdening hospital and police resources."

“Innocent people get hurt and public money is spent on cleaning up the mess. We need a safe, vibrant and civilised night time economy and that requires an evidence based approach.”

For further information contact Alex Greenwich on 9360 3053.

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!