Fire Emergency

Fire Emergency

Across Sydney our hearts are with the communities impacted from the devastating bushfires. So many Sydneysiders come from these communities, and many have family and friends who were suffering. We are all so grateful to the emergency services officers who worked around the clock under difficult and risky conditions. On Tuesday at the height of the disaster, all members used Question Time to focus on the needs of those impacted by the bushfires. I used my question to ask the local government minister about councils’ efforts to directly help affected communities – I’m proud of the City of Sydney which offered resources including water and waste trucks.

During the public interest debate on the fires, I stressed the importance of doing more to help those affected, whether it is supporting campaigns to buy from the bush, taking the time to understand how people were impacted and taking action on climate change. My speech: HERE and my question: HERE  

You can make donations to the Rural Fire Service at HERE. You can donate to the Red Cross relief for fire-affected communities at: HERE. And you can buy Christmas gifts from the country to support local businesses in areas affected by drought and fires: HERE

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!