Food Security

Food Security

Australia has good food security but the pandemic and bushfires exposed serious vulnerabilities. Climate change alone could reduce Australia’s food production by 15 percent and urban encroachment could drastically shrink Sydney’s food bowl, which we rely on for perishable foods. Other threats include soil degradation, water and land demand, declining fertiliser supplies and wild fish population collapses.

Around 17 percent of the city population cannot afford to feed themselves nutritious food. We should not take food supplies for granted, and in Parliament I called for an inquiry into the growing threats to food production. My speech: > HERE.  

It is great to see the City of Sydney making OzHarvest their charity for upcoming major events.  You can donate to the City of Sydney OzHarvest appeal: > HERE or support the national food relief agency Foodbank: > HERE.

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!