Gambling Changes

Gambling Changes

NSW has 35 per cent of the world’s poker machines, with tragic impacts for those who get caught up and lose their life savings, with wider impacts on families and the community.

I’m disturbed at media reports that the government is considering transferring 1000 poker machines to The Star Casino from “poor performing” regional areas. The inner city does not need to expand gambling capacity and I worry about impacts on people who have lost income as a result of the pandemic and new opportunities to launder money.

I strongly support the Minister for Customer Service’s push for the introduction of a mandatory gaming card that will ensure people can set their gambling limits before they use poker machines. The government’s acceptance of all 19 recommendations from the Bergin inquiry into Crown is a positive move to provide much needed oversight through a specialist casino regulatory body. Shocking revelations from the current Victorian and Western Australian Royal Commissions may help get more protections and better controls.

Meanwhile the government is seeking feedback on 2018 changes that were supposed to help stop machines moving to high-risk areas, help small venues and require Local Impact Assessments  > HERE.

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