Gambling Grows

Gambling Grows

Tuesday 12 December 2017

The latest report on gambling in Australia shows sports betting is growing fastest, by 15 percent to $920 million losses last year, but poker machines remain the biggest segment with $12.07 billion lost nationally. NSW is the worst, with a 6.2 percent increase to a record $6.1 billion lost on poker machines. In response to my previous questions in Parliament, the Minister for Racing said that the Responsible Gambling Fund had been expanded and new education campaigns initiated, but we need stronger gambling restrictions:

Shocking allegations were made about illegal poker machine fixing in the Victorian casino – beyond the previous claims about machines designed to addict users. In response to my questions about this occurring in NSW, the minister says that the Liquor & Gaming NSW hasn’t had complaints but is monitoring the Victorian investigations:

There’s a national campaign for poker machine reform

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