Glebe MUF Decided

Glebe MUF Decided

The NSW Port Authority proposed, assessed and has now approved its plan for a 24-hour shipping port and storage facility for construction materials at Glebe Island despite our many submissions opposing the inadequate amenity protections, particularly at night. While this is not what we wanted, our lobbying got the planning department to “peer” review the planning process and recommend stronger noise controls and community consultation.

In response, the port authority promised a precinct wide noise policy and mandatory protocols for all vessels with 24-hour monitoring and publication. The policy will cover all users of Glebe Island projects including the Hanson concrete batching facility and will be developed with community consultation. Ship controls will limit noise to 50 decibels at the closest residential receivers, which ports says is lower than the current sound experienced from trucks using Anzac Bridge and which the Environmental Protection Agency says is unlikely to awaken someone from sleep.

I will continue to monitor progress and any concerns raised by residents. Information: HERE

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