Gov’t actions show hunting agenda about promoting cruel blood sports: Media Release

Gov’t actions show hunting agenda about promoting cruel blood sports: Media Release

The NSW Government failed to protect a pest-reducing native duck from being shot by recreational hunters.

Alex Greenwich, Member for Sydney, introduced a bill to take the pink eared duck off the list of fowl that can be shot on farms because it does not damage crops. The duck doesn’t eat rice, it is carnivorous eating animal based foods including known rice pests.

 Mr Greenwich said:

Duck “The Game and Feral Animal Control Amendment (Pink-eared Duck) Bill provided the Government with an opportunity to demonstrate whether its plan to let recreational hunters shoot ducks on farms is really about pest management or just letting hunters expand their blood sport. Unfortunately it appears to be the latter.”

 “The public is opposed to recreational hunters being given more opportunity to shoot animals. Polls, surveys, petitions and protests constantly show this.”

 Last year the Government supported Native Game Bird Management licences which allow recreational hunters to shoot native fowl on private property following a deal with the Shooters and Fishers Party.

 “Claims that under the changes duck hunting would only be permitted for the purposeof sustainable agricultural management have been totally discredited by the Government’s opposition to this bill.”

 “It is clear the Government’s legislative agenda is being held hostage by the Shooters and Fishers Party and its radical agenda.” Mr Greenwich said.

Labor and The Greens supported the Bill.

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