Government and Opposition Block Open Transparent Planning on SCG Trust Land

Government and Opposition Block Open Transparent Planning on SCG Trust Land

25 August 2016

Alex Greenwich MP, Independent Member for Sydney condemned the major parties for failing to support his bill to remove exemptions to environmental planning and local government laws for land managed by the Sydney Cricket and Sports Ground Trust.

Development proposals on SCG Trust managed land do not have to go through a public development application or environmental impact statement, instead they get signed off behind closed doors by the sports minister. There are no laws governing what assessment must occur or requiring any community consultation.

“Both sides of the house claim to support transparency and accountability in the planning system, but neither will support it when it comes to the SCG Trust,” Mr Greenwich said.

“Neither side gave any credible justification for providing the SCG Trust such an extraordinary exemption.

“Planning laws apply to neighbours, developers, schools, universities, hospitals, churches, jails, aged care facilities and government departments; why should the SCG Trust be given an extraordinary exemption?”

“Those living adjacent to the SCG have no opportunity to view reports on traffic, views, overshadowing, heritage and trees or to contribute to decisions that affect their neighbourhood. Their input and an independent assessment could help improve developments through conditions.

"The current situation is unfair and not imposed on any other neighbourhoods.

“Support for the bill should be a no-brainer: the bill ensures that basic planning principles apply to land that sits within public parkland and the densely populated inner city and inner east areas.

“The government is reviewing laws that govern SCG Trust land and I encourage everyone to write to the Premier and ask that the land be subject to the state’s planning laws, as is the case everywhere else,” Mr Greenwich concluded.

A copy of Mr Greenwich’s introductory speech is available at

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