Call for End to Moore Park Threats

Call for End to Moore Park Threats

 Alex Greenwich MP, Independent Member for Sydney, has slammed Tennis NSW’s proposal for a 10,000-seat arena on Moore Park.

The proposal comes only months after the Sydney Cricket and Sports Ground Trust revealed it wants to build a 65,000-patron stadium next to Kippax Lake.

“It is ludicrous to even consider building over our parklands when populations in surrounding neighbourhoods are expanding at never before seen rates. Green Square alone will house over 54,000 residents by 2030,” Mr Greenwich said.

“Where will future residents walk, run, picnic and get sunshine if we build over our expansive grasslands?

“Spectator sport is important but it should not be at the expense of public recreation, which is essential to community health and wellbeing,” Mr Greenwich said. 

“The government must defend public open space and stop plotting and scheming with sporting bodies to give them their piece to develop.

“Once and for all what’s left of Centennial Parklands must be declared off limits and when Parliament resumes I will call on all major parties to rule out any further Moore Park alienations,” Mr Greenwich said.

“The Centennial Parklands were set aside by Governor Macquarie for the recreation needs of Sydney residents but there is a long history of government betrayals.

“I will again join inner city, inner east and inner west communities to vehemently oppose this proposal as we have done in the past and will continue to do until our governments protect green open space,” Mr Greenwich concluded.

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