Greenwich Calls for LGBTI Policing Reform

Greenwich Calls for LGBTI Policing Reform

In response to media reports alleging the same police officer may have been involved in both high profile incidents during this year’s Mardi Gras, Member for Sydney Alex Greenwich has called for urgent action to fix problems and restore community confidence in LGBTI community/police relations.

Mr Greenwich said:

“Both cases are still before the courts and it is important that they continue expose the facts of what happened. The community will want appropriate action to be taken.”

"The government also needs to seriously consider the community's call for an independent oversight body to investigate such matters"

 “I will work with all those involved to ensure the approach to policing at Mardi Gras and Police relations with the LGBTI community continues to improve" 

"Earlier this week I met with Mardi Gras organisers and the Police Minister to ensure  what happened this year doesn't occur again.”

“The way police deal with the gay and lesbian community needs to improve to prevent any heavy-handed policing and to ensure appropriate police conduct with drug dogs and strip searches.”

“Mardi Gras is vital to Sydney, NSW, and the LGBTI community, and I’m confident we can work together and get positive results.”

Mr Greenwich will join LGBTI organisations and the Police at an upcoming community forum to be announced soon. 

Mr Greenwich's speech in Parliament on the matter can be read HERE. Further reporting on the matter can be found HERE

For further information contact Alex Greenwich on 9360 3053.

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!