Greater Sydney Parkland Plans

Greater Sydney Parkland Plans

The government has released its 50-year vision for the Greater Sydney Parklands in a white paper. 

It proposes the model of one umbrella parklands trust that acts as the trust for different parks across Sydney. This model has been in place for around a year with the Greater Sydney Parklands operating as trust for a number of parklands include Centennial Park and Moore Park. The government says that a bigger trust will be a stronger advocate for our green open spaces and funding.

Any trust for our parklands must act as custodians of the land not public service departments. There are growing concerns that the current Greater Sydney Parklands is failing to engage with the local community at a grassroots level and I have asked the minister to ensure there are regular meetings and a contact person for local community representatives: > HERE.

The white paper is open for community comment until 5 July: > HERE. See the Sydney Morning Herald article: > HERE.  

The government must invest in our parklands and stop commercialising these vital assets including removing car parking on Moore Park in line with the 2040 Moore Park Master Plan. I will continue to work to protect the parklands and push for proper funding.

My letter < HERE.

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!