Hayden Lane

Hayden Lane

(Community Recognition Statement, 20 September 2022, Legislative Assembly, NSW Parliament) 

On behalf of the Sydney electorate, I commend the inspiring efforts of residents in Hayden Lane Darlinghurst for transforming this space into an inviting green and community space.

Over a year and a half, residents have built on the work of Sebastian Vasquez and Mike Heenan to transform what was largely wasted space with dumped household goods and rubbish where people felt unsafe. With donated and rescued plants and equipment, they've created a green oasis and community space. IT has thrived with amateurs keen to learn about gardens and improve their local area. This terrific project was featured on Gardening Australia, which presented the revitalisation project and showed its importance to the local community. The program showed us lush green landscaping, creative artwork including murals, and a local community that socialises with and supports each other. I congratulate the residents behind Hayden Lane's conversion into a place that is both welcoming and beautiful. This is a great example of how inner city residents can improve the amenity and safety of their local area.

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!