Head Start Homes

15 October 2020

Head Start Homes

(Community Recognition Statement, 15 October 2020, Legislative Assembly, NSW Parliament)

On behalf of the Sydney electorate, I would like to put on record the innovative and creative approach of Head Start Homes to help people own their own home. Head Start Homes helps people in community housing make the leap into owning their own home and no longer renting. By acting as guarantor, Head Start Homes makes it possible for people without a deposit to get a foot in the home ownership door. Their clients are sole parents, Indigenous people and people with disability, whose step into home ownership means a vacancy opens up for another person on very long housing waiting lists. I've heard directly from the Head Start Homes team about their innovative non-profit approach working in cross-sector partnerships, and am pleased to promote and support this model that opens up pathways into home ownership for more people.

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!