Homelessness Week 2018

Homelessness Week 2018


Today I called on the Premier to treat homelessness as a state emergency. Nearly 40,000 people are homeless in NSW and the rate of homelessness is increasing at epidemic levels.

There was a 37 per cent jump in homelessness rates between the 2011 and 2016 Census in NSW, which is more than double the increase across the country.

Homelessness is a significant threat to life, safety, health and wellbeing. Without secure and safe housing, disability, health and mental health conditions degenerate and can’t be treated, and new health problems emerge. People are at high risk of violence and intimidation and are more likely to enter the criminal justice system.

Disasters that put many lives at risk are declared state emergencies and there is no reason to treat homelessness differently. I’ve called on the Premier for a state emergency homelessness response. 

Sign my online petition for urgent action to end homelessness HERE.

Listen to my interview on Radio National HERE.


I had a glimpse into the lived experience of being homeless through taking part in the SBS program Filthy, Rich and Homeless. Over ten days sleeping rough and in crisis accommodation I gained a personal insight into the trauma and difficulty of having no home – and the resilience of the many people who survive this dreadful situation. I thank those who shared their personal stories and lives with me during that time. Watch the program next Tuesday 14 to Thursday 16 August on SBS, information HERE.


This week is Homelessness Week and a key time to get government and community action on this crisis, more information HERE

I have been calling on the government to retain, maintain and increase homelessness services, public housing supply and affordable housing in the inner city since I was elected in 2012.

Join me on the City of Sydney’s Street Count overnight on 13/14 August to identify the numbers of people sleeping rough in the inner city: HERE.

Support the organisations helping people who are homeless and in need: HERE.

I urge you to speak out in the media, on social media and with family, friends and colleagues to keep homelessness on the agenda and get government action.

Ordinary Australians are being locked out of home-ownership, renters are missing out and having to move from house to house and there’s nowhere for many people to go.

Support the national Everybody’s Home campaign to fix the housing system. Learn about the campaign HERE.

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!