Hunting in National Parks: 12:15pm Thursday 7th March 2013

Hunting in National Parks: 12:15pm Thursday 7th March 2013

Alex Greenwich today will receive 10,000 petitions from the National Parks Association against hunting in national parks. The event is at 12.15 pm at the front of Parliament House. Details are below.

Alex provides the following comments:

"National parks are conservation sanctuaries set aside to protect our rapidly diminishing biodiversity. They provide havens for people across the globe, including my constituents, to experience nature and learn about Australian wildlife.

National parks should not be turned into shooting grounds where hunters kill and maim animals for fun while ruining peace with gun shots and putting visitors at risk of death or injury.

Iconic areas at risk include Kosciuszko National Park and Morton National Park.

Scientists and environmentalists agree hunting in national parks serves no conservation purpose and interferes with pest management programs!

Recreational hunting in national parks is just a cruel blood sport introduced to allow the Government to privatise power."

For more information contact Alex Greenwich MP, telephone 9360 3053.

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!