ICAC Motion

ICAC Motion

(Motion Response, 12 November 2020, Legislative Assembly, NSW Parliament)

Mr ALEX GREENWICH (Sydney) (17:15:43): Throughout this year, throughout this pandemic and this economic crisis we have dealt with a number of censure and no-confidence motions in both this House and the Legislative Council. Now we are dealing with the referral of the Premier to the ICAC passed by non‑government members in the Legislative Council in a motion brought by the Government in this Chamber. My contribution is on behalf of the three Independents in this House: me, the member for Lake Macquarie and the member for Wagga Wagga. We have consistently addressed these matters with the threshold of proving corruption or maladministration. This has always applied and will always apply to all members regardless of whether they are from the Government, Opposition or crossbench. Matters raised in the referral are already part of ongoing and comprehensive investigations.

The ICAC is investigating the conduct of former member for Wagga Wagga Daryl Maguire through Operation Keppel. It clearly has an abundance of information and evidence against Mr Maguire and his associates. With this evidence it can make adverse findings against witnesses and initiate new investigations. I have confidence that the ICAC will conduct further inquiries if it deems it necessary. The Legislative Council Public Accountability Committee is inquiring into the government grants process, and the State Archives and Records Authority and Information Commissioner have both confirmed that they will assess allegations of destroyed documents. Referring a member to the ICAC is a serious matter and should not be done for political purposes. The Independents will closely monitor the outcomes of the inquiry and the reviews. We see the Legislative Council's referral as superfluous and unnecessary. We support the Government motion moved by the member for Ku-ring-gai.

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