Improving Defects Protections

Improving Defects Protections

For decades apartment defects have forced thousands of owners to pay massive special levies for fixing problems like water penetration and non-compliant fire safety systems that were the fault of builders, practitioners and developers.

But recently we have seen good reforms improve consumer protection through a comprehensive accreditation system for all building practitioners, stronger duty of care provisions and most importantly, a dedicated and active Building Commissioner.

The Building Commissioner has taken a hands-on approach to enforcing and improving building standards, working with builders and developers and issuing orders to stop work or fix defects. He also has the power to withhold occupation certificates.

Last week the government introduced legislation to further strengthen the Building Commissioner’s powers, which I supported. I also successfully moved an amendment to clarify that all building work, even work that has been carried out unlawfully, is subject to the commissioner’s remit after I learnt that some developers were trying to argue that their illegal work is exempt from his orders. My speeches: > HERE.

The disturbing attempts to frustrate the Building Commissioner’s work highlights how we need to ensure continuous improvement. I am committed to working with the government and stakeholders like the Owners Corporation Network for ongoing reforms.

The Owners Corporation Network OCN is holding a Strata Matters forum with  a range of experts to update on changes to the law and regulation 10am-2pm Tuesday 20 July Details: > HERE.  

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!