Inner City Super Group

15 May 2015

Inner City Super Group

(Community Recognition Statement, 14 May 2015, Legislative Assembly, NSW Parliament)

I commend the efforts of the Inner City SUPER Group to support therapeutic response to trauma for people with mental illness, particularly those who are homeless or have complex needs. This work builds community and consumer capacity to support recovery and helps people with complex needs to rebuild their lives. I attended and spoke at the SUPER Group's May "So You Want to Change the World" forum. Other speakers included those from the Kansas Consumer Advisory Council for Adult Mental Health, Working to Recovery, NSW Mental Health Coordinating Council, Being NSW, ARAFMI NSW, Mindgarden, the University of Tasmania as well as St Vincent's Hospital Consumer Participation Officer Douglas Holmes. More than 75 participants attended the forum and I learned a lot about the experience of mental health service consumers from them and the speakers. I put on record my appreciation of the consumers' innovative work to make the mental health system more responsive. 

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!