Joanna Shulman

Joanna Shulman

(Community Recognition Statement, 22 March 2022, Legislative Assembly, NSW Parliament)

On behalf of the Sydney electorate, I thank Joanna Shulman for her 12 committed years of strategic leadership as Redfern Legal Centre CEO. 

Jo has provided strong and consistent guidance for Redfern Legal Centre, improving access to justice during times of funding cuts, stretched resources and upheaval. Her focus on specialist legal support, law reform and systemic advocacy has strengthened Redfern's role and ensured vulnerable people get expert legal help. Redfern now provides statewide legal practice in police accountability, and in partnership with other centres practice in financial abuse and employment for migrants and other vulnerable workers. There is a service for international students and linked multi-language interactive legal help app. With the health district, Redfern provides legal help to health service users, particularly First Nations people, and the centre now has a dedicated First Nations Justice Unit. Jo led partnerships with other organisations and diversified the centre's funding, and the number of staff and volunteers reflects strong and collaborative leadership – and a resilient organisation. I have valued the advice and support for constituents that Jo and the Redfern Legal Centre team has provided. I commend her work and contribution to justice.

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!