Kings Cross Revival

Kings Cross Revival

Harmonising the licensing conditions in Kings Cross with the rest of the Sydney CBD and Oxford Street is long overdue and will bring hope to businesses who have been doing it tough. Global cities don't tell people when to go to sleep, they help them have a fun and safe night.

From early March, licensed premises in Kings Cross will be able to remain open after 1.30am and serve drinks to 3.30 am. While ID scanners will remain during busy times such as Friday and Saturday nights, other restrictions will go. This precinct has changed dramatically since 2014, though we need to closely monitor outcomes to ensure safety concerns do not reappear.

I welcome the appointment of a high level 24 hour economy commissioner to oversee revival of Sydney’s late night activity. Government plans for activated 24-hour economy hubs will need transport and services, and we will need to work towards new diversity.

The Medically Supervised Injecting Centre continues to play a vital role in this precinct, and over 20 years has served 18,000 drug users, removed 1.2 million drug injecting episodes from the streets, successfully treated 10,541 overdoses without a single fatality, dramatically reduced ambulance callouts and made 18,500 referrals to drug and mental health services. This facility must remain where it is needed for as long as it is needed. See Dr Ingrid van Beek’s excellent oped in the Sydney Morning Herald: > HERE.

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!