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Indigenous Kids in Care

30 Nov 2020

The Family Matters Report 2020 shows that Indigenous children continue to be removed from family .....

Museum Open

30 Nov 2020

The Australian Museum at the corner of College and William streets re-opens on 28 November after .....

Green Park Hotel

30 Nov 2020

Solotel has sold the Green Park Hotel to St Vincent’s Hospital, who intend to retain and use the .....

Responsible Lending

30 Nov 2020

The Consumer Action Law Centre is campaigning against unsafe and irresponsible lending, opposing .....

World AIDS Day

30 Nov 2020

World AIDS Day 1 December is a reminder of the ongoing impacts of the HIV/AIDS pandemic, with eve.....

Sydney News 23

30 Nov 2020

My latest Sydney Electorate newsletter is now online. You can read it below or click HERE...

Sirius Redevelopment

30 Nov 2020

A proposal to redevelop and refurbish the iconic Sirius complex in Millers Point is now on exhibi.....


23 Nov 2020

The 2020/2021 NSW Budget offers support to Sydney’s hospitality sector, active transport, hospita.....

Unfair Testing

23 Nov 2020

In its last week of the year, the Parliament dealt with one of the most offensive pieces of legis.....

Civil Rights Loss

23 Nov 2020

In Parliament I opposed new police powers that enable police officers to get orders against someo.....

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