Light Rail Approved

11 June 2014

Light Rail Approved

The Minister for Planning and Infrastructure has approved the CBD & South East Light Rail project and construction will begin in April 2015. The approval includes noise mitigation for homes directly affected in Surry Hills and controls on noise impacts. It requires undergrounding the substation in Wimbo Park, which I requested.

The pedestrian bridge over Anzac Parade will have to be similar design to the RMS bridge under construction nearby. There will be a Community Reference Group established during construction. I will continue to advocate for the protection of adjacent community amenity particularly from noise, local access during construction and for pets to be allowed on the new service. Details HERE.
The Department of Planning and Infrastructure review of light rail route options examined the 15 routes considered, but rules out tunnels, Foveaux Street and Oxford Street. It identifies noise and traffic impacts for the selected Devonshire Street route. See the department’s Environmental Assessment Report HERE.

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