Liquor Changes

Liquor Changes

Monday 12 December 2016

From January, live performance and live entertainment venues in the CBD, Darlinghurst and Kings Cross will have their 1.30am lockout moved to 2am and their 3am closure moved to 3.30am 30am for a trial two year period. While I welcome this small relaxation, many say half an hour extra trading for a limited number of venues is not enough to improve Sydney’s declining nightlife.

The 60 patron limit for small bars will be lifted to 100 and they will be exempt from the liquor freeze, but the patron limit should have been lifted to 120 so that existing small bars with restaurant or hotel licences can transfer their licences.

Sydney is a global city and needs a vibrant late night scene. I continue to argue that with transport, renewable licences and tools to prevent the saturation of night venues in hot spots, we could lift the 1.30am lockout for venues that have live music and entertainment, small bars and well managed venues while maintaining safety benefits.

I will monitor the effects and work with the government on improvements including review of the trial. Details HERE


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