500 Updates

18 Jul 2023

Since being first elected in 2012, I’ve informed and engaged with constituents through email Upda.....

Advertising Gambling

18 Jul 2023

A House of Representatives committee has released a report into online gambling and its impact on.....

Harbour Park

18 Jul 2023

The Barangaroo Harbour Park design competition has been announced, expected to be finished Decemb.....

Electric Heat Pumps

18 Jul 2023

Converting to an electric heat pump can reduce your hot water emissions and energy costs. See the.....

Energy Bill Relief

18 Jul 2023

There are new programs to provide some relief from energy cost increases, applying from 1 July &g.....

Minerals Legislation Amendment 2023

29 Jun 2023

(Bills - Referral, 29 June 2023, Legislative Assembly, NSW Parliament)..

Anti-Discrimination Law

28 Jun 2023

(Question Time, 28 June 2023, Legislative Assembly, NSW Parliament)..

Rental Crisis

27 Jun 2023

The government’s first reforms to provide renters with relief passed the Parliament last week. So.....

Come Together for Yes

27 Jun 2023

Put a note in your diary for the Yes23, City of Sydney and Unions NSW ‘Come Together for Yes’ eve.....

COVID Continues

27 Jun 2023

COVID-19 remains in high circulation, though fortunately deaths and serious illness has not been .....