Logging Destruction

Logging Destruction

We all know how catastrophically destructive logging our native forests is to the environment and native species but last week the extent that forestry logging is subsidised was revealed.

$20 million of public money each year is spent converting old growth forests into low grade chip wood at $441 for every hectare of native forest cut down. See the Sydney Morning Herald article > HERE.

I have consistently called for an end to native forestry logging, particularly after the devastating Black Summer bushfires which decimated threatened species’ habitat across the state, including that of the koala. We need to protect what is left to protect biodiversity, water, air and help reduce climate change. Successive governments have failed to invest in sustainable jobs in regions around forests and the government should reinvest NSW Forestry Corporation funds into plantation, tourism and industries like oyster farming through a transition plan for the industry.

Sign the Nature Conservation Council petition to get this issue debated in Parliament > HERE.  

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