Lord Mayor Clover Moore MP Salary Trust

16 October 2014

Lord Mayor Clover Moore MP Salary Trust

(Community Recognition Statement, 15 October 2014, Legislative Assembly, NSW Parliament)

Today I highlight the achievements of the Lord Mayor Clover Moore MP Salary Trust, which this week handed over cheques to charities in the city. The latest projects bring the total to $1.23 million that Clover Moore has given from her own pocket to 60 projects since becoming Lord Mayor. Projects with practical benefit include the Redfern Story Factory, which helps kids write; Asylum Seekers Centre, which helps refugees get jobs; scholarships for Indigenous students and young musicians; diabetes clinics for homeless people; and drug detoxification services. In my electorate ongoing support has been vital for the St Vincent's Mental Health Cadre Project that supports social housing tenants to look out for their neighbours who have a mental illness and may be in strife. I commend this impressive commitment and hope that Clover Moore's example will lead to others also making a personal difference to vulnerable people's lives—which is the reason many members in this place get involved.

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!