Maritime Heritage Precinct

The Australian National Maritime Museum plans two new wharves and a marina to accommodate the heritage fleet within a new maritime heritage precinct. While mostly benign, the desire to fast track the project – many say to be finished by the 250th anniversary of Captain Cook's voyage to Australia next year – will create unacceptable impacts on adjacent apartments. Homes are only 40 metres away yet piling is planned to happen at night and will exceed noise standards by up to 75 decibels and standard construction hours will be extended by 10 hours a week. The ferry stop and a vessel that will act as a function centre will be located on the wharf closest to homes, affecting noise, privacy and air quality.

Roads and Maritime Services claim the impacts are not significant and therefore they can self-assess and approve the proposal. My submission called for an independent, open and transparent assessment process through a development application to the Department of Planning and Environment:  HERE