Media Comment On Mardi Gras Policing

Media Comment On Mardi Gras Policing

(28 November 2013)

Police charges against Mardi Gras participant, Brynn Hutchinson, have been dropped, and Member for Sydney Alex Greenwich has called on the Government to ensure next year's Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras is a safe and successful one.

Mr Greenwich said:

“This is great news for Brynn, but it's unfortunate he was put through this process in the first place. I will work with Brynn and others to address the concerns of alleged heavy handed policing surrounding this incident ”

"The government now needs to seriously consider the community's call for an independent oversight body to investigate such matters"

Mr Greenwich said he would continue to work with the Police Minister, Surry Hill Police, Sydney Gay & Lesbian and Mardi and the LGBTI  community ahead of next year's Mardi Gras:

"It is vital for Sydney, NSW and the LGBTI community that next year's Mardi Gras is a safe and successful one and I call on the Government to commit to the community's recommendations for policing reform"

Mr Greenwich's question to the Premier calling for policing reform is HERE.

 “I will work with all those involved to ensure the approach to policing at Mardi Gras and Police relations with the LGBTI community continues to improve and I’m confident we can work together and get positive results" 

For further information contact Alex Greenwich on 9360 3053 (Electorate Office).

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!