Mental Health Support

Mental Health Support

We’ve been restricted from social contact for eight weeks now while staying at home under public health orders and last week it was confirmed that the lockdown would be extended until the end of September.

For many, including people who share a household with others, lockdown can be socially isolating and reinforce feelings of loneliness.

Establishing healthy routines, chatting with others and learning something new are ways to combat the fatigue of living in Groundhog Day, but they also help to counteract the anxiety and loneliness that comes from being isolated. Read more > HERE. Ending Loneliness has some useful guides to keeping connected > HERE.

When we are missing face-to-face interactions, messages, phone and video calls can feel like a chore. At this time it is more important than ever to make the effort to connect and listen closely to those around you. Some people experiencing loneliness may not want to complain about it for fear of judgement or burdening others. If someone says, “when you have time, let’s catch up”, I encourage you to make the time and check in. 

Let’s get creative in tackling loneliness. Write a letter to loved one, make a gift for a relative or plan a walking phone call with a friend. We need to make the most of what we CAN do while there is so much we can’t > HERE

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