Money Laundering

Money Laundering

(Production of Documents: Order Amended, 2 August 2023, Legislative Assembly, NSW Parliament)

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I support this amendment to my call for papers, albeit with some reluctance. It relates to about 38 documents, which I have been informed are intelligence profiles. Those documents have been redacted by the Crime Commission and were always going to be redacted ahead of their public release. From a meeting that the Government facilitated with Liquor & Gaming, I understand there is a concern that within those profiles there could be other ways in which things could be identified, including investigative practices. That said, in a review of a sample of those documents it became very clear to me that those documents should have been provided to the Crime Commission and should have always been included in this call for papers, but especially when it comes to Project Islington.

From documents I have seen it is very clear that this was about money laundering and the potential for money laundering in clubs and pubs in the remit of Project Islington. I am deeply concerned that they were not provided to the Crime Commissioner. Members will be able to see for themselves the content of those on Friday. Importantly, those documents will not be made available for public dissemination because of any information that may compromise ongoing investigations.

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