Moore Park Parking

Moore Park Parking

Venues NSW will fast track construction of its car park at the SCG, which I am told will reduce construction time from about four years to just over two. Last year when the government overturned dates for the removal of car parking on Moore Park, my amendments ensured that car parking would be removed when the SCG car park was built, so I welcome the opportunity to bring forward the removal of on-grass parking.

However, planning approval for the change also permits all day everyday parking for 100 cars on Driver Avenue and 200 cars on the EP3 Moore Park precinct during the construction period. This part of Moore Park will be completely alienated from public use for around 20 months. The government has promised me that Venues NSW will pay for this privilege, and I will ask questions in Parliament to ensure that the money is reinvested in Moore Park and not in the broader Greater Sydney Parklands portfolio.

As population density grows, we need to see parklands as environmental and community health assets rather than empty land to be exploited for commercial use.

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!