Moore Park Plan Exposed

Moore Park Plan Exposed

21 March 2016

I encourage you to listen to the explosive Radio National Background Briefing exposé which links the Tibby Cotter Bridge that we fiercely opposed for its damage to the parklands and failure to meet pedestrian and cyclist needs, to a long term plan to build stadia and car parks on Moore Park. The parklands continue to be treated with contempt; the government now says it will divert a six lane highway on Moore Park to slightly speed up light rail construction. This is especially concerning given Background Briefing showed the Tibby Cotter Bridge was designed to accommodate vehicles.

I’ve been asking a number of questions in Parliament on protecting Moore Park but we need a concerted community campaign to stop this alienation and I urge you to join the Saving Moore Park campaign:, and

You can listen to the ‘Moore Park Giveaway’ program at 9pm Tuesday 22 March on Radio National 576AM or online at

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!