National Trust NSW 75 Years

National Trust NSW 75 Years

(Community Recognition Statement, Wednesday 5 May, Legislative Assembly NSW Parliament) 

On behalf of the Sydney electorate, I wish to congratulate the National Trust (NSW) as it celebrates 75 years

While initial planned celebrations were delayed because of the pandemic, the Trust will now be holding a series of events, with their properties free to visit on special open days. The National Trust (NSW) was established in 1945, with a vision of protecting and celebrating our heritage. It remains a leading guardian of Australia's built, cultural and natural heritage. Their work champions our sense of place and belonging in an ever changing world. During their 75 year history, the National Trust (NSW) has endeavoured to protect all facets of heritage for all generations and to educate the wider community about the cultural value, role and wonder of heritage. I wish to recognise the trust's important contribution to heritage in NSW, and thank their patrons, donors, members and more than 10,000 volunteers who ensure heritage is valued and respected. I encourage everyone concerned about heritage to get involved with the National Trust and be part of both the 75th celebrations and the ongoing work to protect heritage.

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!