No Grounds Evictions

No Grounds Evictions

Safe, secure, affordable housing is a fundamental human right, and crucial to ensuring people can be healthy and engage in education, employment, relationships and community life. Renters in New South Wales are increasingly becoming insecure, paying rents they can’t afford and competing in a tight rental market. Laws that allow no-grounds evictions are adding to the housing stress because landlords can evict tenants for unlawful reasons like challenging a rent rise or asking for repairs by pretending the eviction was for “no reason”. The situation makes it risky for renters to pursue their rights, particularly in a tight rental market.

I have been pushing for the replacement of no-grounds evictions with a comprehensive list of lawful reasons for eviction and in Parliament I supported Greens Member for Newtown Jenny Leong’s private member’s bill. The government has referred the bill to a committee to determine if amendments are needed. I hope this long awaited reform comes soon.

My speech on the bill > HERE

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