NSW Marine Estate Management Legislation Passes Both Houses

NSW Marine Estate Management Legislation Passes Both Houses

(6 November 2014, Timebase.com.au)

On Wednesday (5 November 2014) the Marine Estate Management Bill 2014 (NSW) was passed by the NSW Legislative Council and has as a result been passed by both Houses of Parliament...


On the question of review of the legislation, independent Mr Alex Greenwich points out on his web page that, the increase of the protection review cycle from five to 10 years is too long, saying:

"Protections will also be subject to a review cycle of 10 years instead of five. Ten years is a long time and potentially major and permanent damage can be done during this period. I call on the Government to retain existing consultation and review periods".

Further Mr Greenwich also points to another matter, what he calls the lack of "obvious criteria for deciding new parks" and the notion that new parks will be decided on "risk and threat" assessment:

". . . the Bill fails to legislate obvious criteria for deciding new parks. Basing it on risks and threats will not be enough. We need the "comprehensive, adequate and representative" principle to underpin and drive the design of reserves so that we can fill the protection gaps such as in the Hawkesbury and Twofold shelves".

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