NSW Parliament to Debate Forced Council Amalgamations

NSW Parliament to Debate Forced Council Amalgamations

13 May 2015

Tomorrow the New South Wales Legislative Assembly will debate a motion opposing the forced amalgamations of councils that are financially sustainable and have the support of their communities. The motion was introduced by the Independent Member for Sydney, Alex Greenwich.

Mr Greenwich said:
“I share the concern of many councils that forced amalgamations could lead to the disruption of services, rate increases and loss of local grassroots democracy and representation.
“The Government has been anything but transparent about its plans for local government and playing politics over pushing real local government reform”
“This government has given itself sweeping powers to impose orders on or sack councils it claims are under-performing, doubled the vote of big business and corporations in City of Sydney elections and empowered City of Sydney councillors to remove voting options including attendance voting on polling day.

“The evidence suggests government contempt for the fundamental principles of democracy at the local level and we should all be concerned about what's in store.”
Mr Greenwich said his motion has the support of the opposition and cross-bench, and it will be the first time the Government will be forced to address the community concerns about forced amalgamations. Debate on the motion is expected to begin at 11:00am on Thursday the 14th of May. 

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