The NSW Legislative Assembly has passed a motion introduced by Alex Greenwich, The Member for Sydney, to welcome openly gay Bishop Gene Robinson to NSW. 

Mr Greenwich said:

"I am proud that the NSW Parliament was able to put politics aside at the end of a robust debate to welcome such a prominent and influential individual to NSW"

A number of MPs used the motion as an opportunity to place on the record their views on marriage equality:

"Some speakers struggled to reconcile their personal beliefs with the notion of equality. However, I was encouraged by the number of speakers in support of equality for same sex couples and the voices speaking in support of tolerance and acceptance." Mr Greenwich said. 

Mr Greenwich highlighted that various Christian denominations, the Union of Progressive Judaism, The Premier, Leader of the Opposition, and prominent Australian Christians including Kevin Rudd, Lord Mayor Clover Moore, Rugby Star David Pocock all support marriage equality. 

For more information contact Alex Greenwich on 9360 3053.