Packer's New Plans Question Proposal Process - Media Release

Packer's New Plans Question Proposal Process - Media Release

Alex Greenwich, Independent Member for Sydney, has questioned the use of the unsolicited proposal process to fast track James Packer’s wish for his own Sydney casino with a self-rated six star hotel and now luxury apartments.

Mr Greenwich said:

“The unsolicited proposals process is meant to be about innovative ideas that bring real public benefit, but now it’s being used to facilitate the expansion of gambling in NSW and privatisation of public land.”

“We were told the casino was needed to subsidise the hotel, now we are told luxury apartments for the mega rich are needed to subsidise the entire project.”

Rules for unsolicited proposals were changed just before James Packer’s proposal and now independent evaluation is not needed before the Government deals with one company.

The integrity of the David Murray review has been called in to question after the Liberal Party fundraiser was hosted at the Chair’s home, a financial relationship was uncovered between the body providing commercial advice and Crown, and the Premier’s department prepared media scripts for the panel to defend the proposal.

“Vital public confidence in a rigorous and politically independent process has been lost with Barangaroo now at risk of becoming a playground for billionaires.”

“The unsolicited proposals process must not become the tool for developers and vested interests looking to have their way with Sydney.”

For more information contact Alex Greenwich on 9360 3053

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