Parkland Trustees

Parkland Trustees

My amendments to the Greater Sydney Parklands (GSP) bill require the agency to form a community trustee board for each parkland estate under its custodianship – not just one for the whole state as initially drafted. There will be a dedicated Centennial Parklands board and GSP is about to recruit members. The boards provide a community voice to decision makers and can play a vital role in protecting our parklands from commercialisation and alienation.

Each board will have at least seven members that reflect community diversity with at least one representative for local First Nations people and one with heritage skills. The GSP is also seeking feedback on a draft framework for engaging with the community about the parklands.


I encourage anyone who is passionate about the Centennial Parklands to nominate themselves as a trustee board member and tell the GSP how you would like to be involved in future decisions.


Information about the Consultation and Engagement Framework and community trustee boards is available on a dedicated website > HERE.

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!