Parliamentary Petitions

Parliamentary Petitions

Petitions are an important way for members of the public to directly place their issues before the Parliament. When more than 20,000 people sign an electronic petition that has been lodged on the Parliament’s website, the matter gets debated in the Legislative Assembly – provided a member of Parliament sponsors the petition. I have sponsored or spoken on petitions about the Powerhouse Museum, international student travel concessions, paramedics’ employment conditions, native forest logging, social housing and live music, for example.

There are often petitions that inner city members would be interested in, and members of the public can check if there are matters they would like to support on the Parliament website > HERE.

Below are some examples of important petitions calling for stronger environmental protections that I encourage everyone to support.

Reducing plastic waste > HERE.

Protect Toowoon Bay Marine as an aquatic reserve > HERE.

Stop coal expansions in the Mudgee region > HERE.

If you would like to create your own e-petition, instructions are set out at> HERE

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!