Pets Regulation

Pets Regulation

Monday 30 July 2018

Puppy farming is one of the darkest secrets of the pet industry. It involves producing a large number of cute puppies or kittens for sale through overcrowding, overbreeding and unsanitary conditions to keep prices down. 

Many facilities are unlawful but they are not registered or subject to any compliance regime. Following pressure for action, which goes back to my predecessor Clover Moore’s bill to ban pets in pet shops and her call for a companion animal inquiry, the government introduced new laws that allow all cats and dogs advertised for sale to be tracked back to their breeder. While not groundbreaking, I supported the changes as an improvement on the status quo that hides breeders. A mandatory breeder registration system, as recommended by the Companion Animal Taskforce and the Joint Select Committee on Companion Animal Breeding Practices in NSW, would provide greater protection for animals and I will continue to advocate for this move. My speech: HERE

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