Pill Testing

Pill Testing

I congratulate organisers of the successful Pill Testing Rally, which showed the strong and growing public support for a new approach to drug use to keep people safe. My speech reminded everyone that politicians telling people not to use drugs has never worked. I’m committed to see pill testing happen ASAP through working on legislation with colleagues across the Parliament if I am re-elected. HERE

The NSW Cross-Party Harm Minimisation Roundtable, of which I am a member, is also working to get a drug summit on recreational drug use like the one held 20 years ago which produced the medically supervised injecting centre. The drug summit would also look at the impacts of drug detection dogs, strip searches and criminal sanctions for drug users and consider wider reforms.  

Strip searches have almost doubled in NSW and its overuse is making people feel unsafe and lose trust in police. This especially affects young people out having fun and disadvantaged groups including Aboriginal youth. The Law Enforcement Conduct Commission is holding an investigation and I encourage you to submit any experiences you have had with strip searches: HERE

I strongly support the Redfern Legal Centre campaign to change strip search laws. You can find out about and support the Safe and Sound campaign at HERE.

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!