• Animal Welfare
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Health
  • Housing
  • Law & Order
  • LGBTI Reform
  • Planning and Public Open Space
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  • Transport

Planning and Public Open Space

I will work to protect your amenity, including heritage and open space, and for sustainable development that reduces utility costs and greenhouse gas emissions and does not add to traffic and parking congestion. Parks and open spaces must be a key part of large developments like Barangaroo.

As an apartment dweller, I want to make sure that developers cannot control new apartment buildings and ensure decisions that affect people's homes are made fairly, and will work for strata reform.

I will advocate for effective community consultation in new planning laws and fewer loopholes to bypass proper assessment through the current review. I will push for community involvement in all planning decisions and oppose decisions made by unelected bodies behind closed doors.

I will fight alienation and encroachment of the Centennial Parklands, and push for better funding for the Centennial Park and Moore Park Trust, so this important open space is protected in line with Macquarie’s 1811 Sydney Common Bequest.

Strata Submission

Planning White Paper Submission

Sansom Review Submission

Barangaroo Casino Review Request

Local Government & Planning Reforms - Question in Parliament


Law & Order

I will continue Clover’s push for more police to manage weekend late night areas to prevent impacts on adjacent residents, particularly “pre-fuelling”, noise and anti-social behaviour.

We need better late night transport options to get people home from Kings Cross, Oxford Street and the CBD. I will call for renewable late night liquor permits to encourage good management as in New York and Paris, and for planning law reform to enable councils to refuse venues in areas that have reached saturation. The freeze on new liquor licenses in Kings Cross must be continued until these measures are in place.

I will actively take residents’ concerns to the Community Safety Precinct Committee meetings to ensure Police address local concerns.

I will call for expanded rehabilitation programs like the effective drug courts, rather than locking people up who are then released to continue a crime career.

Anti-Discrimination Submission

Mardi Gras Policing

Article, Victims Of Crime At Risk Again


I want to ensure Sydney is sustainable for the future, and will advocate for action on climate change, while ensuring the government gives households support and information to save money on electricity and gas bills. I will campaign hard for NSW to embrace renewable energy.

I will continue to support community campaigns for container deposit legislation to reduce costs and landfill waste, along with other measures to increase recycling and reuse.

I will fight inappropriate mining like coal seam gas in the city, longwall mining under rivers that supply Sydney's water and mining on key agricultural land. I oppose shooting in national parks, and will lobby for expanded protected natural areas.

There are currently seven different bodies that deal with noise pollution, depending on the noise or source. This must be streamlined, so that concerned residents have one phone number to call to have their complaint dealt with effectively.

Sydney has some of the busiest traffic tunnels in the state, and I will advocate for filtering in inner city road tunnels to help reduce air pollution.

Conserving national parks for future generations

Small Business

As a small business owner for 10 years, I know some of the challenges and costs as well as the great sense of achievement. In Parliament, I want to support small businesses in a globalised economy, challenge the old parties to support and embrace the new economy, and help small businesses learn and use the many new platforms available to help their businesses grow.

While the Small Business Commissioner is a good step, small businesses need more proactive help and support through key stages and economic changes.


I support increased funding for schools, and am alarmed by recent cuts to our state’s most important asset - the education of future leaders and innovators. I will call on the Government to develop a long term strategy to build NSW into a smarter state, where the arts, languages, sciences and tools for an increasingly digital world are better supported. I will fight short-sighted budget cuts that will harm us in the long run.

I will advocate for greater funding to promote and support teaching as an important vocation. I agree with teachers and principals that they should be educators, not administrators. TAFE and adult education must also be funded.

The inner city needs a high school to meet growing numbers of students. With more young families and only selective or private schools in the city, now is the time to establish a public high school.

Out of School Care


A safe and secure home is a basic human right, and I will lobby the State Government to protect and improve social housing. I will fight any attempt from the State Government to sell-off inner city public housing.

The Government must make proper budget allocations to maintain Housing NSW properties and I will work with Housing NSW to get prompt repairs and maintenance and action on regular safety audits. I will continue Clover Moore’s meetings with public tenants in Surry Hills, Chippendale, Millers Point and Woolloomooloo, bringing Housing NSW and Police to the meetings to address concerns.

I will advocate for all new major residential developments to include low cost and affordable housing, to accommodate the wide variety of workers and residents in the inner city.


I will push for transport solutions that reduce traffic congestion and give commuters more choice such as light rail, safer cycling and walking, and fully integrated ticketing. Buses in the inner city need to be reliable and regular, and cover all suburbs.

I will work with the Government to ensure visitors aren’t stranded in busy late night spots. I will work to remove legislative barriers for private bus operators so they can operate late night transport services. I will push to allow companion animals on all public transport.

Increased community transport services are vital for people who cannot use public transport because of disability or frailty.

Oxford Street Submission

Surry Hills Light Rail_ 1

Surry Hills Light Rail 2



I support a greater focus on prevention and early intervention to prevent illness and early death. We have increasing levels of chronic conditions like diabetes, asthma and obesity, which will have long term impacts.

Mental health and alcohol/drug services are overloaded and the inner city has concentrations of homeless people. I will push hard for outreach services to help people before they are in crisis, get support early and help them get their lives together again. I support school programs for healthy eating and activity, and against bullying and discrimination.

I support harm minimisation strategies, with health services for drug users and Police focusing on drug dealing and trafficking.

Article, New law will give the dying a right to dignity


LGBTI Reform

All couples should be treated fairly, and I will introduce a marriage equality bill into NSW Parliament, with a cross-party Parliamentary support group to achieve reform. I will push to have the “gay panic” defence removed for non-violent sexual advances and ensure everyone in the LGBTI Community is protected in Anti-Discrimination laws, including the workers, teachers, and students not covered by the Anti-Discrimination Act.

Continued funding and support is vital for Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras and key LGBTI health programs, and homophobia programs should be expanded.

Anti-Discrimination Submission

LGBTI Rainbow Forum 

Animal Welfare

Clover Moore has been a lone voice for the voiceless in our Parliament, and I will continue to speak out on animal welfare. This is more important than ever with the Shooters and Fishers Party holding the balance of power in the NSW Upper House.

I will work closely with animal advocates to combat cruelty including factory farming like caging pigs and chickens, puppy farming, pig-dogging, goat racing, and wild animals in circuses. In addition I will campaign for more marine parks so our waters aren't out-fished and we retain a sustainable fishing industry. I will also advocate to help apartment residents and renters keep their pets in their home.